Whether your yard is flat and compact, or expansive and uneven, it can be turned into an oasis. This recently completed project in Colleyville is a great example of the work we do in large, sloped backyards.

When working with topography, it’s important to grade the land to ensure water drains away from the house. For this project, the drainage problem was solved by installing a retaining wall that also serves as the pool ledge. The retaining wall ensures water will drain down the sides of the yard instead of towards the house. Using the wall as the pool ledge also give it an aesthetic purpose in addition to its functional purpose. Because the pool is so large, the details are clean and simple. This design decision keeps the pool from looking too busy with different features and elements. The understated attached spa makes the project look clean and cohesive.

The covered patio serves as a great gathering space for cookouts or relaxed summer evenings. In the original construction of the house, the fireplace was placed at the back of the patio, blocking the view of the entire backyard. The fireplace was moved to the other side of the patio, which allows for an open view of the pool and creates distinct areas for dining and gathering. Strategic post placements keep the roof stable while still keeping the view of the backyard unobstructed. The addition of a grill station makes the space feel like an extension of the home, where family and friends can spend quality time together.

One of the most important elements to consider when working with a large backyard is simplicity. Just because the pool may be bigger, it doesn’t have to be gaudier. Clean lines, a simple color scheme, and refined features will make a large impact. Quality over quantity is always the best philosophy to follow in design.