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Jacob Hawkins


Personal Industry Experience

Started in the swimming pool industry in March of 1998.

Worked in retail sector from '98 to '04 learning the business and helping customers at the same time. I acquired an in depth knowledge of how to maintain, service, construct in-ground swimming pools. I also began servicing the pools directly and was responsible for maintaining over 100 pools. Over the course of time I was also a manager and responsible for the day to day activities as well as managing a group of employees.

In 2005 I became solely focused on the construction side of the business and began as a construction assistant and finished as the lead designer and sole project manager before establishing my own business in 2011. Since 2005 I have sold or built over 200 pools with gross sales over 5 million dollars. I have handled projects that are very complex to extremely simple. I have worked for two different firms since 2005 as the lead salesman that is responsible for bringing in the majority of the work to sustain each company before deciding to open up my own company of Liquid Concept Pools, LLC.

Since beginning in the construction area of our industry in 2005, I also began a design service/consulting business at the same time. I began soliciting other pool companies who needed help designing pools for their customers and offered expertise help constructing the projects as well.

Career Highlights, Memberships

Certified Building Professional by APSP (American Pool & Spa professionals) – There are only 83 certified building professionals in a 6 state region. The APSP would be the governing body for license and regulations if it was required by the state. -$2,557,000 in sales for 2007 -$1,334,000 in sales for 2008 -$1,456,000 in sales for 2010

Liquid Concept Pools

Established in April of 2011- I have completed several projects already including a large commercial project. Liquid Concept Pools is a growing company that focuses on high quality of construction and will not sacrifice quality for quantity of jobs like many of our competitors. I offer a high value because I have minimal over head with standards well above the industry norm.