Independence Day is right around the corner, which means the summer party season is in full swing! Throwing a great party can be a daunting task, so we’ve put together some tips to ease the planning process and make your backyard the neighborhood’s summer destination! Here’s our step-by-step guide to planning the perfect summer bash.

  1. Pick a theme – Impress your friends and neighbors with a fun theme that ties your decorations and activities together. Some of our favorite themes include: flamingo, tropical/botanical, USA, watermelon, movie night, and lemonade stand.
  2. Make the menu РEveryone loves delicious food and a refreshing drink, so a great party menu is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Kids and adults alike love refreshing drinks, so setting out pitchers of flavored lemonade and fruit-infused water will make your guests happy and refreshed. Kebabs are a great meal choice because they can work with all types of food. You can make fruit kebabs, meat and vegetable kebabs, and even appetizer kebabs! We love this recipe for Caprese kebabs:
  3. Games – If you’re inviting the neighborhood to your party, there are sure to be kids in attendance. Keeping them entertained doesn’t have to be a big task. Setting up water balloon and squirt gun stations will not only entertain them, but also keep them cool on these hot summer days! You can also build a mini obstacle course in your backyard with household items. This article has some great ideas for a fun DIY obstacle course:¬†
  4. Entertainment – While adults may not want to throw water balloons or run through hula hoops, they still want to be entertained! Create a fun summer playlist to blast while everyone is mingling to keep the energy up. Who knows, your playlist might even inspire a spontaneous dance-off or sing-along! You can also keep everyone entertained with a DIY photo booth! You can find fun props all over your house for your guests to pose with. Old sunglasses, large picture frames, hats, and handmade signs all make great props for your photo booth. To take your photo booth to the next level, find an old sheet and paint a fun pattern on it for an interesting backdrop!
  5. The Details – Paying attention to details will make you stand out as the neighborhood’s party expert! Stock up on sunscreen and bug spray for your guests to use if they forgot to bring their own. Put out bins for both trash and recycling so your guests don’t have to go searching for either inside. Hanging string lights outside will also make your backyard feel cozy and will allow the party to extend into the evening!
  6. Call Us! – Of course, the best way to make a splash with your summer party is by having a pool! Liquid Concept Pools can make your backyard THE party destination.

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