Inside Look at Lap Pools

commercial pool

An Inside Look at Lap Pools Lap pools make a great addition to residential properties with narrow stretches of land available. Perfect for exercise, these pools usually have a shallow depth and a narrow with rectangular design that is best suited for exercise in the privacy of the backyard. Unlike swimming pools that may have both […]

Inside Look at Infinity Pools

infinity pool with blue glass tile

What Is an Infinity Pool? The perfect infinity pool combines a stunning design with an optical illusion. Sometimes known as zero-edge or infinity-edge pools, these eye-catching bodies of water give the appearance of the edge of the pool merging with or blending into a distant horizon, the surrounding landscape, another area of water, or other […]

What Is a Luxury Pool?

built in pool seating

While a person can objectively state whether or not their feet are wet while standing near water, determining if a pool is luxurious is a more subjective process. Similar to a fine piece of artwork, some consider a pool to be luxurious if they have strong, positive emotions when they see and experience it.  Custom-designed […]

How Does Rain Affect Pool Installation?

A long rectangular lap Pool

As temperatures heat up in the spring and summer, one might assume that warmer weather makes those seasons the best time of the year to build an in-ground pool. While yes, warmer weather allows for the concrete to set quickly, a sporadic windy or rainy afternoon may postpone a project’s completion by far more than […]

What Are Infinity Pools?

negative edge pool with blue glass tiles

You might have heard of infinity pools and had a hard time visualizing them since infinity itself is a hard thing to picture. There’s no need to worry, though, because our Liquid Concept Pools team has written this article to help make infinity (pools) knowable. An infinity pool is a pool that uses a visual […]