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Adding a pool to your backyard is a great way to increase the visual appeal and valuation of your home. Swimming pools are ideal for exercising, escaping the heat, and creating lasting memories with your friends and family. Installing a pool is exciting for homeowners, but usually a once-in-a-lifetime process, which is why you need to hire certified experts. Poor construction can lead to constant repairs, a damaged yard, and continuous aggravation as you pay to correct these issues. Inexperienced pool builders or those that promise to be the cheapest option in the area aren’t always the most reliable. 

Our team of qualified professionals at Liquid Concepts Pools is here to help. We’ll guide you through the process, make your pool installation as straightforward as possible, and help you avoid costly repairs. Here are four common mistakes amateur pool builders make and steps you can take to avoid them.

Concrete Foundation Poured Incorrectly

The concrete foundation is one of the most important parts of any pool. A sturdy foundation, properly installed by knowledgeable experts, requires time and attention to detail. This process is both an art and a science. The pool’s foundation is responsible for supporting the weight of the construction and keeps the pool from sinking into the ground over time. An incorrectly poured foundation can lead to cracks, water leaks, and severe structural problems down the road. Only a qualified professional or someone who is in training and being supervised by a qualified professional should handle this crucial step of pool installation.

Local Building Codes Ignored or not Checked

Local building codes need to be followed to a tee. Ignoring them can lead to hefty fines, construction delays, or worse, tearing down your pool and starting over. A poorly qualified pool company may try to convince you that following the local building codes is unnecessary and doesn’t need to be checked. This is incorrect. Instead, hire a pool builder who is familiar with city and county regulations, as well as any applicable HOA rules. 

The Pool Built Too Close to the House

This is one of the most common mistakes that amateur pool builders make. A pool built too closely to the home can result in water damage and/or structural issues with your home’s foundation. Always consult with an architect or an engineer if you believe that the pool build may be too close to your home. A pool builder that tries to prevent you from getting a second opinion is a huge red flag. A trusted and qualified pool builder has faith in their work and won’t mind the second opinion of another industry professional.

Benefits of Hiring a Certified and Professional Pool Builder

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A Certified Pool Builder knows how to best integrate your new pool into your property. A swimming pool is a significant investment that needs to work with your backyard space, not overtake it. Our design experts will work with you as you consider details such as sun exposure, the line of sight from inside your house to the pool, and whether or not you’ll need space poolside. The shape, materials, and design need to be congruent with both your ideal aesthetic and with what works best for your lifestyle. This ensures that the surrounding landscape and pool deck materials complement the pool’s design and help tie in the whole space. A pool isn’t something that can be returned or exchanged. That’s why working with a skilled professional is so important. We want you to be thrilled with this fantastic new addition.

Access to High-Quality Materials

Highly-qualified pool builders only use the best materials when creating your dream pool. This ensures that your pool is built to last and that you are getting the right materials to build the pool of your dreams. A professional pool builder will have a strong network to help them get any materials, from mosaic tiling to decorative woodwork or stone pavers, for your dream pool.

Superior Craftsmanship

It takes years to fully master the techniques to build a high-quality pool, which is why it should not be left to an inexperienced person. To ensure that you are getting a pool builder that matches the needs and vision for your dream pool, always ask an expert to see their portfolio before you hire them. Lastly, never be afraid to ask for references or seek out testimonials from previous clients.

Trusted Pool Builders of Roanoke, Texas

Working with knowledgeable experts will alleviate careless mistakes and grant you peace of mind. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Liquid Concepts Pools is one of the most trusted pool builders in Roanoke, Texas. Our qualified team is ready to help make the dream of owning your pool a reality. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or consultation.