backyard with pool and house in background

Adding a firepit to your backyard is a great way to create a warm and inviting space for outdoor gatherings all year round. Still, with so many options to choose from, picking the firepit style that’s right for your needs and budget is easier said than done. Likewise, choosing the best location for it can also be a challenge.

Not sure where to begin when it comes to your firepit project? We’ve got some tips for selecting the right spot for it and some popular style options to explore.

Finding the Perfect Place for Your Firepit

When adding a firepit to your backyard, start by thinking about where and how you plan to use it. For example, do you want the firepit to be a focal point? If so, you will want to make sure that it is placed prominently in your yard. 

If your firepit will be used as an entertainment center of sorts, you’ll also want to make sure that it is located within easy reach of your back patio, deck, or other outdoor living space. Many people, for example, use their outdoor firepit areas as a place to sit around and talk, a space to watch a sunset, or even a place to eat dinners outside.

Depending on how you plan to use your firepit, you can then decide on its placement. For instance, if your firepit will be the focal point of your yard, then you may choose to place it at the center of your property. On the other hand, if your firepit will be more of an “accessory” to your outdoor living area, then you might consider tucking it away near your main entertainment area or even towards the back of your yard.

Deciding on the Style of Your Firepit

Depending on the overall theme of your backyard, you can select different materials and styles for your firepit that capture your guests’ attention while coordinating well with your existing landscape design. As you explore your options, consider these popular choices:

Brick Firepits

Does your backyard already have a bit of a rustic feel to it? If so, then a brick firepit can be a practical choice to help maintain that natural, authentic feel. As an added benefit, bricks are very inexpensive and durable enough to stand up to the test of time. Just keep in mind that if you opt for a brick firepit, you will most likely need to go with a wood-burning style rather than a gas-powered one.

Flagstone Firepits

Two people warming themselves next to a flagstone firepit.

If you desire a more high-end look than what brick can offer, a flagstone firepit may be a suitable choice. With flagstone, you can still create a rustic and charming look—but flagstone is of higher quality and lends itself to a more luxurious feel. Meanwhile, it is much easier to install because there is no mortar needed, and this can help cut down on labor costs.

Flagstone also looks excellent with other landscape features such as flagstone retaining walls. And, similar to brick, flagstone works best with a wood-burning design as opposed to gas.

Spa Firepits

Looking for a more versatile firepit design? Consider a spa firepit, which can be easily created as a wood-burning or gas-powered option. This type of firepit is typically installed next to a pool, providing swimmers with a great place to stay warm as they dry off. Likewise, a spa firepit is a great place to eat a quick snack or enjoy a glass of wine in between laps around the pool.

Bowl of Fire

A “bowl of fire” firepit design is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Bowls of fire can be used as solitary firepits or as decoration. The contrast between fire and water is eye-catching and can really take the look of your pool to the next level. A bowl of fire also adds ambient lighting, enhancing the overall vibe of your outdoor space.

Bowls of fire are available in both gas and wood-burning styles, though gas is generally recommended for safety reasons for those who plan on using these firepits around a busy pool deck.

Creating Your Ideal Outdoor Space With Fire and Water

A beautiful, well-placed firepit can go a long way in transforming your outdoor space and giving you a place to gather with the people you love. And, while firepits can be an excellent addition to any outdoor space, placing one specifically near your existing pool or spa can really help you get the most out of your backyard.

At Liquid Concept Pools, we specialize not just in swimming pools and spas, but outdoor living features such as fireplaces and firepits. Find out more about what we can do for you by contacting our team. We would be happy to learn more about your firepit project, speak more about our design options, and even schedule a quote at your convenience.