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One of the best parts about living in the beautiful state of Texas is its temperate climate. For most of the late spring, throughout the summer, and even into the fall, Texas’s weather is perfect for relaxing and fun-filled days spent by the pool. With this in mind, many homeowners are looking to invest in building their dream backyard oasis. However, one of the most important parts of that investment is finding the right pool builder who can help make that dream a reality and not a living nightmare. Here are some of the considerations you need to keep in mind when choosing the right pool builder for your new swimming pool.

1. Avoid Pool Builders Who Are Asking for a Huge Down Payment

One of the biggest signs that a pool builder is a fly-by-night pool builder and not a respectable business is asking for a downpayment that is significantly more than 20% of the final cost. If you are talking to a pool builder about a project and they are asking for a higher-up front payment, this is a warning sign that either their business is suffering, or they are looking for more cash flow to pay their employees and subcontractors.

Liquid Concept Pool Pro Investment Tip: Don’t Focus Solely On the Initial Investment

Shady pool builders don’t just try to use the initial down payment as a way to secure cash flow. Instead, they can also use other tactics such as big up-front draws, which means the amount of money you are scheduled to pay is significantly more than the work they have completed. For example, if a pool builder is asking you to pay about 40% of the entire payment when they start excavation on your property and another 40% when they are laying the gunite or shotcrete, this is an issue. They are now asking for 80% of the entire project payment when not even 80% of the work is done. While this doesn’t seem like a problem initially, you will be feeling the strain if that pool builder were to suddenly go out of business. At this point, the money you spent to get your pool completed will be lost as the pool company won’t be able to pay you back and will not be able to finish the project. 

The same can be said about tiny final payments. If a pool company is only asking for 2-5% of the final payment upon completion, that means that they will not have lost as much if they choose not to finish the project. Whether it be a disagreement, a shady company that knew in the first place they were never going to finish what they started, or some other setback, that low final payment doesn’t tie them into finishing the job. 

A reputable pool builder should have a final payment of about at least 10% of the whole job. This ensures that the pool company themselves is invested in finishing the project, protecting the homeowner from getting scammed towards the end of the job.

2. Never Trust a Company That Is Pressuring You to Sign a Contract Right Away

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As a property owner, you have the right to explore your options when selecting a pool builder to work on creating your backyard paradise. If a pool construction company is pressuring you to accept and sign a contract at your first meeting, or is promising to cut you a deal so you won’t look at competitors, this could be a sign that they are not very reputable. You should always feel comfortable and not pressured in your choice of who you are working with.

3. Behavior From the Pool Company Is Rude or They Keep Making Excuses

Life happens. We all get that. Sometimes family emergencies or poor weather can slow a pool build down, but this shouldn’t keep the pool builder from communicating with you about what is going on. If your pool builder never makes their appointments on time, constantly ignores your calls, or doesn’t show up to work on your property for weeks on end without communicating with you about what is going on, this is a red flag.

Building a pool is a large project that takes weeks or even months to complete, so having a pool builder that will work with you along the way is extremely important. Customer service needs to be at the top of their priority list so that you can stay in the loop as to what is happening with your pool and have any questions or concerns immediately addressed. If a pool company is unwilling to work with you or answer questions, it is best to choose someone else. 

4. Always Check Reviews Online and Ask for References

The best way to know the caliber of a company’s work and how it treats its customers is to check online reviews and references. You can always check reviews through Google reviews, Yelp, or through the Better Business Bureau.

While all businesses will have a few negative reviews from consumers who under no circumstances can or will be satisfied, a lot of negative reviews that have no mention of the company trying to make it right is a bad sign. Companies who put value into their work and place the customer first will always make an effort to amend the mistake or problem that is mentioned in the review.

Similarly, a good pool contractor should be able to provide you with a list of past clients you can call to get their honest feedback on how the company treated them. A lack of references or a refusal to even provide a list could be the indication that the business is new or they don’t have many satisfied customers. If they cannot explain why they cannot give a list of resources, it is best to go with another company.

Looking to Invest in a Beautiful Backyard Paradise?

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