infinity pool with blue glass tile

What Is an Infinity Pool?

The perfect infinity pool combines a stunning design with an optical illusion. Sometimes known as zero-edge or infinity-edge pools, these eye-catching bodies of water give the appearance of the edge of the pool merging with or blending into a distant horizon, the surrounding landscape, another area of water, or other features in a way that may seem to defy nature. 

Liquid Concept Signature Pool & Patio has designed many infinity pools in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We share this inside look at infinity pools to give you some ideas for a swimming and relaxation experience that differs greatly from traditional pools. A quick look at some different examples of these pools will inspire you to admire their beauty. This majestic pool can have a number of personalized features including LED lighting.

Pools that have vanishing edges give an amazing visual effect. The swimmer may get the feeling that their pool connects with a larger body of water, such as a lake or ocean. In other waterfront designs, using the pool may give a feeling of being near the edge of a waterfall that flows into a lower body of water. If constructed at a higher elevation, such as on the top floor of a building, those near or in the pool may feel as if they have soared above the buildings, or have the ability to float above the earth.

How Does the Illusion of an Infinity Pool Work?

The trick of creating a successful infinity pool involves a slightly different approach to the pool’s construction. Rather than making the walls that retain water along the ledge appear above the water line, part of the wall is removed from view on the side of the pool where the optical illusion takes effect. By doing this, it appears that water from the pool gently cascades over the edge.

In reality, the water stays fully within the pool. With part of the pool ledge on the side with the waterfall effect being lower, the water actually lands in a catch basin rather than falling over the edge of the horizon. The pool’s pump system brings the water back into the swimming pool area as it continuously cycles the water. 

To take the concept of an infinity pool to the next level, consider the different options that you think would work best with your current landscape. If you envision the installation of an infinity pool as becoming part of a larger transformation in your yard, be sure to talk with our team about ways we can refresh adjacent outdoor living spaces. Perhaps the pool area will have a grotto, and a firepit, new recreation furniture, or other accessories. 

Is the Catch Basin Going to Be Visible?

huge flower pot on top of rocks next to a pool

If properly designed, you will not notice the catch basin when you enter the pool. Since this essential part of the pool’s structure is hidden in an area slightly below the view, you experience the illusion of the pool’s water gently disappearing in the distance. You will only notice the features of the catch basin if you go to that end of the pool and look over the water’s infinity edge. 

In some cases, pool owners prefer a different approach to creating an infinity edge. This may include the creation of an elevated catch basin that visually appears as a water feature. If one chooses a stone waterfall, hydraulics and pumps will be installed within this very pleasing feature. With the catch basin still out of view, the water may return to the pool in the form of a waterfall. 

Are Infinity Pools Safe?

Despite the appearance of the water disappearing from one side of the pool, rest assured that going to the far side of the pool is 100% safe for anyone who has the ability to swim. Although the water seems to reach the edge of a cliff or horizon, the only way a person could “fall out” of the pool is if they intentionally entered the basin by climbing over the wall. 

The most important concern for adults and parents who choose to have an infinity pool installed is similar to that of any pool: children at play and those unable to swim in certain water depths should refrain from going to the other edge of the infinity pool or any other area beyond their capability to swim with or without supervision. 

The design process at Liquid Concept Signature Pool & Patio has a major focus on safety. We create customized pools for the families and their guests that will use them, and want to assure that any pool we design remains completely safe for our clients, their loved ones, and others who may experience one of our infinity pools. 

What Maintenance Does an Infinity Pool Require?

infinity pool

Infinity pools require a little more maintenance than a traditional residential pool. The extra effort is worth it because of the notable difference and absolute beauty the pool offers. This maintenance includes: 

  • Cleaning the tiles regularly, since infinity pools use a greater number of tiles than traditional pools.
  • Cleaning the water catch basin regularly, to ensure a continuous water flow.
  • Monitoring the water pump and associated filtration systems to ensure effective recirculation of pool water. 

Keeping the filtration and water pump systems operating smoothly is essential to prevent them from becoming clogged. If they cannot recirculate the water, the infinity edge will be compromised and the mechanisms may suffer damage. 

Since infinity edge pools often evaporate more quickly than other swimming pools, they may require additional refilling at a higher frequency. 

Ready to Invest in Your Dream Infinity-Edge Pool?

If you are ready to bring the illusion of an infinity pool to your property, contact Liquid Concept Signature Pool & Patio today. Our design team professionals can discuss the possibilities that will allow you to transform your backyard at your local residence into a unique swimming and recreation destination.