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This past year has proven the importance of having space in your home where you can escape from the craziness of everyday life. For many people, that is their outdoor living space. Liquid Concept Pools believes strongly in helping people create their ideal outdoor living space that is centered around their lifestyle.

Whether this involves a gorgeous pool with a swim-up bar or an outdoor kitchen that has an outdoor dining room complete with a spa, we have the solutions for you. Many of our clients ask us what goes into designing an outdoor living space that is unique to their needs while giving them solace from the scorching Dallas, Texas, heat. Our expert design team compiled this guide.

Step 1: Think About Purpose

Backyard S’mores

Every family is unique. Some families want to spend all day in the pool, playing games, daydreaming and floating, or just hanging out. Others want to have a more involved experience, maybe a dip in the pool before getting out and cooking their favorite meal. Others want to sit by their custom outdoor fire pit, eating s’mores, and swapping ghost stories before finishing the night off by relaxing in their outdoor spa.

Whatever your family likes to do, Liquid Concept Pools will create the perfect setup for you. When we meet with our clients, we determine their unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re the consummate outdoor host, want to entertain your guests during the big game, or need a quiet place to unwind, these interests are important to your design.

We also take into consideration special things for your family, such as children or pets. Many families want a safe space for their children or pets to enjoy the outdoors with them. Our team takes these concerns into account and can design either separate areas for them or make it safer to reduce the risk of injury.

Step 2: Create Your Backyard Oasis

Every backyard is shaped a bit differently. It is important to consider the shape and layout of your backyard when designing your outdoor space. For example, if your backyard is small and you want a pool and an outdoor sitting area, it may be best to put your pool closer to the property line to capitalize on space. 

Your backyard living space should have a functional and logical flow to each aspect of your space. For instance, when we design outdoor living spaces with an outdoor kitchen, we try to keep this as close to the home as possible. This helps ease access and makes it more functional.

Liquid Concept Pools Tip: Don’t Forget the Landscape Views

Many homes have a gorgeous view somewhere in their backyard. Whether this is of the sunlight hitting a lake or pond behind your house or a beautiful forest full of lush greenery, knowing where these views are is important. You want to make sure that those special gems in your backyard are visible from the areas where you will be spending most of your time.  

Step 3: Consider North Texas Weather

Unlike spaces inside of a home, outdoor living spaces have to take into account the average weather patterns of your area. This includes information such as rainfall, wind patterns, and even the heat. Here are some things to consider:

Sun Exposure: Texas is notorious for its heat and bright sunlight. When constructing your outdoor living space, you want to provide areas of shade for you or your guests to escape the heat. Pergolas, cabanas, arbors can help create relief areas, allowing you to enjoy your time outside.

Wind Patterns: Most people don’t think about wind patterns but they are very important, especially for special features such as a firepit. You always want your seating to be downwind of normal wind patterns to avoid burns from embers and uncomfortable smoke inhalation.  

Step 4: Designing Your Outdoor Living Space

Once you know what features you want in your outdoor living space, you can begin to decide on other aspects, such as:

Hardscaping: You should always use a combination of surfaces in your outdoor space. Hard surfaces should be used in areas where furniture is going to be used, such as an outdoor sitting area or outdoor kitchen. Soft surfaces should be used around play spaces for kids, pets, or even areas for natural elements, such as gardens.

wide shot of pool and outdoor kitchen showing hardscape

Plants: Greenery and other plants should be chosen with care. If you don’t prefer a lot of landscaping, choose low-maintenance options. If you find yard work relaxing, choose plants that need a green thumb. It is all dependent on the amount of time you want to spend caring for your trusty plants.

Also, it is important to remember that plants often attract bees and other insects, so it would be best not to plant those near areas where food is present regularly.

What Furniture to Use: Choosing which outdoor furniture to use in your outdoor space is extremely important. Choosing aesthetic pieces creates a warm atmosphere and using weather-resistant furniture provides a comfortable space for your friends and family.

Step 5: Consider Outdoor Lighting

All outdoor spaces should have outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting not only allows you to enjoy your outdoor space at night time but also increases security and safety. Allow your guests and family to safely traverse around your outdoor living spaces without the fear of falling over unseen obstacles. Add lights to the pool to increase visibility and allow swimmers to swim safely at night.   

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When it comes to finding a company that can help you build the perfect outdoor space that is centered around your lifestyle, there is no better team than Liquid Concept Pools. Our staff takes your needs and wants to transform your outdoor space to create a paradise that you will never want to leave. Contact our team today to find out more about our services or to schedule an appointment with our design team.