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While a person can objectively state whether or not their feet are wet while standing near water, determining if a pool is luxurious is a more subjective process. Similar to a fine piece of artwork, some consider a pool to be luxurious if they have strong, positive emotions when they see and experience it. 

Custom-designed rather than coming from cookie-cutter mold, a luxury pool beautifully fits within the surrounding architecture, environment, and landscape. This type of pool stands out since it possesses a well-conceived design, as well as the perfect combination of the details, colors, materials, and textures that meet a person’s expectations and demands. 

With its sleek design, a luxury pool is more than an enjoyable place for swimming and recreation. Its unique elements and custom features elevate the experience of using it and transform this pool into a functional piece of art on your property.

Should I Invest In a Luxury Pool?

Adding a luxury pool to your property is a substantial investment. More than a place to enjoy swimming and outdoor living, this uniquely designed pool enhances the value of your property and adds a new dimension to your home life.

A luxury pool installed by Liquid Concept Signature Pool & Patio will become the focal point of your backyard. Whether you enjoy relaxing swims after a long day at the office, extended family gatherings, or seek a stunning destination to entertain guests, a luxury pool adds a signature element to your property.

What Features Are Often Found in a Luxury Pool?

Unlike a standard square or rectangular pool, a luxury pool can take a different shape and incorporate unique features. While the size of the available land, zoning issues, and other considerations may impose some limitations, the first step in pondering the possibilities for a personalized luxury pool is to think of which features are of greatest interest and prioritize them. There are a variety of pool design concepts that differ from traditional designs, and reviewing them may give you ideas you have never thought of before. Distinctive features can elevate the aesthetics of the pool as well as the experience of using it. A luxury pool has features that are both functional and enjoyable to use. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider that would perfectly enhance your luxury pool design:

rock sculpture with slide into a pool

Slides are popular amenities for children who use swimming pools. The design team at Liquid Concept Signature Pool & Patio can suggest a variety of slide themes that add flair and include colorful designs tailored to your interests. In addition to the straight leg slide, other variations can have twists and turns, as well as have tropical themes that resemble a waterfall. 

Infinity pool edges offer a visually stunning and enticing design. Sometimes called zero edge pools, these outstanding creations offer an optical illusion that gives the impression of a limitless, indefinite body of water. A well-designed infinity pool can become a perfect canvas to create a swimming experience in a comfortable pool that blends perfectly with landscape elements alongside it

Grottos can serve a variety of purposes to define an area of a luxury pool. These structures, often designed to appear like an opening to a rock cave, offer a place to escape from direct sunlight while remaining in the water. Grottos can include waterfalls, loveseats, group seating, hot tub access, and even an entertainment center. Underwater stools and similar features can transform the grotto into a great relaxation spot for grown-ups as the kids enjoy the slides at the other end of the pool, or a grotto can include a slide feature as part of it. Whether one prefers a private corner or a cool gathering space, grottos are water features that customize a luxury pool

Sun shelves offer a wet and shallow place to tan and relax. They can be designed to accommodate lounge chairs, umbrellas, and other accessories that offer a perfect transition spot between land and water. Also known as Baja shelves or lounge ledges, these customizable shallow areas offer a safe space for supervising youngsters — and even furry family members — as they share time with you in your luxury pool. Similar to a beach shoreline, sun shelves allow for the convenience of relaxing, tanning, or watching young children while having the ability to dip your hands and toes easily into the comfortable pool waters. 

Swim-up bars provide the perfect place to congregate, celebrate, chit-chat, and have a relaxing moment and cool drink while lounging in the pool. Your creativity can create the perfect gathering place in the pool, complete with a bar deck, underwater seats, covering to protect people from the sunlight, as well as other features. Some swim-up bars may connect with dry seating on the pool deck, as well as an outdoor kitchen. Depending on how you enjoy entertaining family and guests, a swim-up bar can become the focal point of a luxury pool. 

Yoga decks offer a place for inspiration, meditation, and healthy workouts alongside your pool. For those who want to strengthen their muscles and create a relaxing nirvana near their luxury pool, a yoga deck offers a safe place to stretch before or after a swim, to dry off, or to enjoy the beautiful landscape around you. 

Luxury Pool Automation

A pool at a large apartment complex

If you select a luxury pool, you should focus on your personal comfort rather than an addition that requires extensive maintenance. Part of the design process at Liquid Concept Signature Pool & Patio includes a discussion of swimming pool automation features that allow you to enjoy your pool while letting technology help manage it.

Examples of swimming pool automation include:

  • Automating cleaning, filtration, and sanitation systems
  • Automating pool chemistry to ensure perfect balance is maintained
  • Controlling the lighting system
  • Controlling the water heater through a smartphone to adjust water temperature
  • Controlling variable speed pool pumps

Ready to Build Your Luxury Pool?

Contact the professionals at Liquid Concept Signature Pool & Patio to learn about the variety of luxury pool options available.