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When people think of pools, they typically think of fun summer days. Because of that association, many people think that the best time to build a swimming pool is during the summer, but that is a misconception. If you build a swimming pool during the summer, it will be under construction during the prime time for making the most of it and construction will be finished just in time to seal the pool away for the colder seasons. The timeline isn’t the only thing to consider, though; cost, availability, and conditions are all important factors to consider when deciding when to start on a new construction project. Our Liquid Concept Signature Pool & Patio experts have put together this guide to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about scheduling a pool building and help you figure out when would be the best time for you to begin your new pool build.

What Are the Advantages of Building Your Pool During the Fall/Winter?

1. More Availability of Pool Builders

Swimming pools are naturally associated with summer which is why many homeowners generally think about investing in and starting their new pool project during the summer months. Because of this, pool companies will often be booked for months in advance for projects during the summer. However, investing and starting your pool build during the cooler months of fall and winter will allow your pool building team to focus on your pool project and give you more options of available pool builders to choose from.

2. The Cost of Materials Are Lower

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Due to the decrease in demand for materials during the winter months, they are naturally more affordable. Because the materials cost less, you can also expect to pay a bit less, too. In combination with the lower demand for pool builders during these months, building during the fall and winter can be very financially advantageous.

3. Installation Can Be Completed By the Summer

In Texas, fall and winter typically present more favorable conditions for working outside. Pool building companies can spend more time focusing on the pool build without worrying about humidity, high temperatures, and summer storms slowing down construction. Because of the more favorable conditions and overall timeline, construction should be completed early enough that you will be ready to use your pool once summer rolls back around! 

4. Landscaping Has More Time to Recover and Take Root

Like any large outdoor construction project, building a pool does a number on your yard, and it takes time for the landscaping and plants to recover. Soil and irrigation systems may be disturbed, stressing out your plants and displacing inorganic landscaping elements. Building your pool during the fall and winter months gives your yard time to recuperate and come back looking its best for the bright spring and summer months!

What Is It Like to Build a Pool During the Spring in the DFW Metroplex?

Spring is another popular time of year when homeowners start looking to build their dream pool. However, spring is a busier time for pool builders which means it can be more difficult to find an available pool builder you feel comfortable with. Additionally, because it is a busier time for pool builds, the cost of materials may start going up as the demand for them increases. Finally, while spring showers make for lovely flowers later in the season, they also make for unpredictable weather that can slow the timeline of the project. 

What About Building the Pool During the Summer?

an infinity pool with a house in the background

One of the benefits to building your pool during the summer is that because of the extra sunshine, the ground is dryer which can make the installation process a lot easier. However, a very hot summer can be brutal on the pool installers, meaning that the amount of breaks and delays they need will be more frequent. Most importantly, you most likely won’t be able to fully enjoy your pool until the next summer; instead, you’ll have to see the finished pool during the cooler months and wait to take advantage of it and make your pool fun dreams a reality until many months later. 

No Matter What Time of Year You Plan to Build Your Pool, Our Team Can Help!

Regardless of when you decide to build your dream pool, our team can help! We’ll work with you to design a pool you’ll never want to get out of and then bring it to life whenever works best for you. To get one step closer to even more fun and exciting summers full of pool fun, contact us to schedule an appointment or consultation today!