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Professional Pool Design and Construction Services in Keller, Texas

The team at Liquid Concept Signature Pool & Patio creates swimming pools and outdoor living spaces that provide aesthetic beauty and years of recreational pleasure. With more than 25 years of experience of pool design and construction in the Metroplex, we work with customers to create a variety of commercial and residential pools. We understand that adding or remodeling a pool requires a substantial financial commitment, this is why we work in close partnership with our customers to deliver a high-quality pool that will offer enjoyment for years into the future. 

Services Offered to the City of Keller, TX

An Interactive Design Process

Before we break ground, our design team at Liquid Concept Signature Pool & Patio meets with you to discuss your interests in transforming a backyard into a place that offers the best swimming experience possible. During our meeting, we will discuss the layout of the space, creative options that will enhance outdoor living, and the best possible alternatives for the pool design. We illustrate various features that will enhance the pool in relation to the current structures on the property. Part of the planning process also ensures that our team has investigated and confirmed compliance with HOA requirements and other local ordinances and regulations before any soil is moved.

We encourage clients to ask questions. Each yard has unique features and circumstances, and we see the design process as a way for the property owner to design a pool and other outdoor living features that meet their expectations. After carefully examining homeowners’ association rules, local ordinances, and other statutes, we will design the best option that meets our customer’s wishes and budgetary requirements. An important part of the design process includes the creation of a virtual 3D model of the space so customers can review the layout, suggest last-minute changes if necessary, and discuss final steps that must take place before permits are secured and ground is broken.

The Importance of Selecting Certified Pool Building Professionals

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Adding a pool is a big investment, so you should select a Certified Pool Builder that carefully reviews all design and statutory concerns before beginning to dig into the ground. Amateur pool builders may promise a pool at a cheaper price, but professionals know that the design of a high-quality pool requires a lot of logistical effort prior to the building process. We review the depth and shape of the proposed pool, assess the layout of spaces close to the pool, consider the effect of sun exposure, and ensure that our networks have the supplies and materials required for the project in stock and ready to send to the site. 

A swimming pool is not like a bathing suit that can be returned to a service desk for a refund or exchange if it does not perfectly fit. As a Certified Pool Builder, Liquid Concept Signature Pool & Patio wants your full involvement throughout the design and construction process. We will answer questions and explain how our focus on superior design and crafting of high-quality materials will create a dream pool and outdoor recreation experience for you to enjoy. 

Envisioning Your Dream Pool

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Crews begin to build your dream pool after all questions have been answered, 3D models have been reviewed, and you approve the final design layout. As we break ground, we know that there will be some temporary inconvenience and disruption of things around your home due to the arrival of construction supplies, work crews, and heavy digging equipment. Our teams are trained to minimize their noise impact and the amount of space required to keep these disruptions at a minimum. Our experience of pool design and construction has given us a strong awareness of how to manage construction projects and keep them on a tight schedule. 

By the time work crews arrive, our team has fully confirmed compliance with any HOA rules and ordinances. All permits and any necessary permissions will have been secured by this point. The ground soil testing and confirmation of underground utilities happens before the digging begins. Behind the scenes, our team has reached out to our well-established supply network to make sure that the concrete, stone pavers, glass, gunite, mosaic and decorative tiles, and other materials needed for your project are in stock and on their way. 

We focus on professional preparation and quality craftsmanship. Soon after the ground digging has ended, you will see welded wire mesh and other materials forming the shape of your pool. After concrete forms the shape of the pool, other details will be added to create a unique swimming experience. Our teams do not rush this process because we want to assure that the core sets properly so it will never suffer any cracks, leaks, or other impediments that would compromise its integrity.

As the pool’s foundation is formed, our team will also begin to add other design and safety elements, such as lighting, stairs, and mechanical elements. Since we have more than a quarter-century of commercial and residential pool building experience, we will have a complete construction schedule in place, so you can rest assured that we will have all necessary supplies in stock before on-site work begins. If we have encountered any last-minute concerns — such as discovering invasive subterranean tree roots or unmapped utilities — we will immediately alert you.

Local Resources for the Keller, TX Area

Our city offers an informative website. It also includes helpful information about building construction requirements and permitting processes. You may also research our city’s Code of Ordinances. Located in Tarrant County, our city is part of the vibrant Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

A great resource for residents of Keller and other areas our pool company serves is the link to building codes provided by the Texas State Law Library

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