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Pools are an often overlooked amenity that can significantly improve the overall value of a home, business, or resort. Research shows that swimming is the fourth most popular sporting activity in the United States. This makes owning a pool one of the wildest dreams of many property owners. Unfortunately, the cost of constructing a beautiful and functional swimming pool can be high, especially if you don’t plan adequately and hire the best in the field. 

The Best New Pool Construction Services in Southlake, Texas

According to the Pool and Spa Professionals Association, there are over 10.4 million residential pools and over 39,000 swimming pools in the US, which means roughly 8% of Americans own a pool. So, are you a resident of Southlake, Texas, or just a lover of swimming who wants to build an impressive swimming pool with your family and friends who live nearby? 

Liquid Concept Signature Pool & Patio has served clients in Texas for over eighteen years. As a result, we’ve built hundreds of swimming pools for commercial and residential users throughout the surrounding area at prices that fit your budget.

However, we realize that it is difficult to locate a reliable company that will execute your project on time and within budget, with skilled specialists building any pool you can envision!

Depending on your preference, our qualified experts may install a heat chiller, a pool pump, or both to control the pool’s temperature. Therefore, you can swim in all weather conditions as you can control the water temperature depending on your mood and weather conditions.

Liquid Concept pools use the best materials for building your collection and avoid amateur mistakes such as making the pool too close to the house and ignoring local building codes.

Depending on the complexity of the project, our prices are well moderated and pocket friendly. We have reliable financial partners who ensure your dream to be a pool owner comes true with no glitches.

Services We Offer to South Lake, Texas

built in pool seating

After many years of experience in the pool industry, our company has continuously provided a wide range of top-notch services.

Residential Pools

97% of US swimming pools are residential, while only 3% are public. Swimming pools are a brilliant addition to your home. Besides having a place to cool down after a busy day, pools glamorize your compound and neighborhood. Liquid Concept pools bring your dream of owning a pool right to your doorstep and doing all the work while you enjoy the outcome.

For residential pools, we offer a variety of modern designs depending on your landscape and preferences. For example, some residential pools are:

Infinity pools give your compound the illusion of a waterfall. In contrast, the accessible modern collections create a sleek outdoor landscape for your home.

We also use the most robust material found in the pool industry, such as gunite or shotcrete concrete mixture on our pool projects. These high quality materials give your pool a longer life without frequent repairs.

At Liquid Concept Signature Pool & Patio, we pride ourselves on our quality, unique pool designs to suit your preference and match your home aesthetic. A pool is a one-time investment. Therefore, we give you value for your money as we meet the county council’s guidelines.

Commercial Pools

The commercial pool you choose should be an ideal addition to your premises, business, and hotel resorts. We offer the exquisite designs and complement of owning a pool to your business.

Our professional and experienced team gives you the best advice on the type of pool depending on the location, use, and time you build the swimming pool to bring elegance to your business.

Additionally, we handle permits and inspections, saving you the hassles and time. This allows you to use your precious time to build and run your business while we deal with making you a proud pool owner.

Pool Water Features

rock sculpture with a slide into a pool

To add pleasant tranquility to your pool, you can add water features such as swimming pool gushes, fountains, pencil jets, and slippers. The pool water features, such as calming sounds of flowing water, spillways, and silhouettes along the pools, ignite your imagination, help you relax, and lift your spirits.

Whether it’s a business or a private residential pool, pool water features improve the design of your pool by adding a touch of nature. Likewise, your collection will fit in the environment to add a touch of class to your pool.

The water features ensure that you get more profits if the pool is for public use, while for residential pools, the collections provide you with the best swimming experience in the comfort of your home.

Local Resources and Events for Southlake, Texas

Technological advancements and time give birth to new trends daily. In that case, it is crucial to keep up with events and resources in the state. 


  • All Drake, all Bad Bunny rooftop pool party is on September 4, 2022.
  • Planning and zoning commission meeting is on September 8, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. at the Town Hall.
  • The parks and recreation board will convene at Legend Hall on September 12, 2022.
  • The Community Enhancement Development Corporation will meet on October 25, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. at The Marq.

Local Resources

Do you need a business, resort, or residential pool? Or are you wondering which design to choose from the numerous available on the market? Liquid Concept’s experienced experts will come to your rescue as soon as you contact us. Leave the worrying to us and let us build you a second-to-none pool.

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