Whether you have limited square footage to work with, or you want plenty of space for other activities, small pools are a great option! Although it may be difficult to swim laps or play a game of water polo, smaller pools can still provide the space for tons of fun activities.

This project in Southlake, TX is a great example of how a smaller area can be utilized to its fullest potential. The client has a large yard to work with, but they wanted a simple pool that was close to the house and could be used for lounging and relaxing. We met the client’s wishes by using clean lines and modern finishes to make the small area feel open and light.

Large concrete pavers set in gravel provide a grand entrance with a contemporary feel. As with the pool we featured in last week’s post, contrast is an important design principle in this project. The contrast of dark grays/blacks with light grays/whites is a tool often utilized in modern designs. This contrast can be seen here through the glass tiles lining the inside of the pool, the ledge housing the scuppers, and the concrete around the pool. The dark colors of the ledge and tiles could easily overpower the light gray concrete and make the space feel smaller, so these darker materials are used more sparingly. Although not used in equal amounts, the contrasting colors in this project actually create a sense of balance that is integral to modern designs. This sense of balance makes the area feel more spacious and open.

Keeping the principles of design – like contrast and balance – in mind when designing a smaller pool will help make a tight space feel larger than life!

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