Amazing pools aren’t the only feature that make a backyard great. Outdoor living areas can make your backyard feel like an extension of your home. Here at Liquid Concept Pools, we can provide all the features you need to make your outdoor space as comfortable and inviting as possible.

The idea of incorporating the exterior space with the interior space became a popular architectural technique during the Modernism movement. Frank Lloyd Wright used the idea of bringing the interior and exterior together in many of his designs. Falling Water, one of Wright’s most famous projects, is a great example of this idea. The extreme topography of the site makes for great views, so Wright designed a house with large windows and overhanging rooms. These design features make the interior space feel like part of the landscape, thus creating a cohesive and visionary design.

The concept of linking the interior and exterior spaces is still employed in architecture and landscape architecture to this day. Contemporary residential designers have translated this idea to better serve the average 21st century homeowner. Although there aren’t amazing mountainous landscapes in North Texas, the intentions of the Falling Water design can still be used for our projects.¬†Outdoor living is a great translation that we often use in our designs. By providing an outdoor space that can be used like an interior living space, a relationship between the interior and exterior is created for the homeowner.

In this completed project in North Richland Hills, we designed and installed a pool, a cedar roof cover, and a grill station. The beautiful grotto waterfall is a focal point of the pool, and can be viewed from the interior and exterior living spaces. The pergola provides a shaded space for relaxing, and the grill station makes the space more functional. These features make this backyard feel like an extension of the living quarters.